Sonia Gandhi’s Letter to PM Modi: 9 topics for Parliament

On Wednesday, Sonia Gandhi, the Chief of the Congress Parliamentary Party, penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, outlining nine key topics to be addressed during the forthcoming special Parliament session later this month.

These topics include the current economic conditions, particularly the issues of rising prices and unemployment, recent disclosures related to the Adani group, the demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), and the pressing requirement for a caste-based census. This information was shared by Jairam Ramesh, a prominent party leader.

In her communication, Gandhi also insisted on discussions concerning the alleged assault on the nation’s federal structure, natural calamities, especially in light of the recent floods in several states, the situation along the India-China border, incidents of communal tension in various regions of the country, and the ongoing circumstances in Manipur, as relayed by Ramesh.

The Congress party announced that Gandhi composed this letter earlier in the day, following extensive deliberations among opposition parties regarding the issues they intend to raise during the special Parliament session scheduled from September 18 to 22.

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