Top 7 self-help apps

Self-help requires a lot of effort, consistency and constant effort to make yourself better. Self-improvement is a skill to master. This skill requires a lot of focus and a positive attitude. It is a never-ending process but if you lose your way in between, then there are some apps designed specifically to motivate you on your journey.


Happier is an app which is designed to measure your happiness. This app will definitely boost your happiness by giving you lessons on how to practice the skill of being happy. This app doesn’t only help you learn everyday moments but also teaches you on how to deal with difficult times with strength. The community of the Happier shares a common goal that is to develop a positive outlook, practice gratitude and mindfulness. Happier can be your best companion on your journey of self-improvement.

The app is available for free on iTunes and Android.

Make Me Better

Make Me Better is an app which is developed for entrepreneurs and as well as for people in general who look forward to exceeding in their field. This app teaches lessons on various genres of self-help which includes personality development, productivity ideas, self-help tips, motivational quotes and life hacks. The Make Me Better app will definitely help you build an impactful personality. The content of the articles generated on this app is crisp and summarised. This app can definitely be your guru for improvising you daily. Also, an additional benefit which this app generates is that it will also improve your communication skills. It is available for free on IOS and Android.


Headspace is an app which will help you focus on the right things in your life. This app in particular will help you increase focus, mindfulness, positivity and will give you quality sleep. This app guides you on doing 10-minute meditation daily. Headspace also keeps your record so you can see your own improvement.

Day One

Day One is an app which keeps the count of your progress. On this app, you can journal as it provides a journaling tool that will help you write your daily diary, workout records and gratitude journal. It is an all-in-one app in which you can use text with markdown. Day One app also gives space where we can use image and sound files and save inspirational quotes which we can refer to whenever we need a little motivation in life.


Brightness is an app which will help you save your money and will also help you grow it. On the Brightnest app, we can enter our personal goals and in return it will provide us with customized strategies to achieve our aims and objectives. This app will definitely help us to schedule our tasks and will never forget to send us reminders to do our best. is an app which will definitely be your coach to improve you as a person. This app will definitely boost your personal development, get in shape, build your career and will be a perfect tool to make you perfect. This app has a feature which will track your daily habits. If you want personalised coach from the app, then you need to pay $25 for the same. This app will be available on IOS and Android.


Productive is an app which is the most-simple to use. The app has an interface which is well-designed. When things get done from your side, you have to swipe when things are done so the app can keep record of your activities. This app will keep a track of your daily habit streaks. At the start, we will get a free trial but later we have to pay for it.

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