‘Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan’ trends on Twitter. Here’s why.

‘Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan’ became one of the top trends on Twitter.

However, it is not for a good reason. She’s being criticized by netizens after an unconfirmed report has gone viral where it is mentioned that she apparently wants to charge 12 crore rupees for playing the role of Sita on-screen surfaced online.

For an upcoming mythological period film, she demanded a huge amount of money. That’s why angry netizens want to boycott her. But till now there’s no confirmation about Kareena’s fees.

Allegedly, the netizens are offended by the actress for demanding such a huge amount of money.

A number of users on twitter, apparently wrote on twitter that she’s hurting religious sentiments and her demands for a huge amount of money where she has to play an ideal role like ‘Sita’ is ‘against humanity’.

After that #BoycottKareenaKhan has started trending on twitter and now it’s been a long time that it has been trending topics of India.

A user said,”Remember the way she arrogantly replied to the public that it’s you idiots who make us stars. Don’t watch my flims, I don’t care. Let’s not watch such unworthy people. She playing in mythological film is disgusting #BoycottKareenaKhan.”

Some people said, Kangana Ranaut or Yami Gautam should play the role of ‘Sita’.

Kareena kapoor usually charges 6-8 crores per film, but this time the actress quoted 12 crore rupees for the role of ‘Sita’ in Alukik Desai’s upcoming movie.

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